La Clusaz, Ski Test Shoot

Location: La Clusaz, Massif de Balme
Date: 22/11/14 / Opening weekend
Rider: Oli Carr
Weather: Good
Snow: Average
Brief: To get closer in on the action from a third person point of view perspective and to create motion.
Approach: Shot using camera mounted on a 6 foot long mono pod with remote trigger.


Result 1: Good, not exactly the shot I had envisaged lots of motion blur would have required an ND filter in this much light, but interesting framing of second rider between ski pole... and super close up on the action.

Result 2: Awesome, dynamic action and motion created with the spray.

Result 3: Sweet, and the auto focus was spot on using AI Servo even when riding at about 20mph.
Improvements: Corduroy piste or powder, more snow coverage in background, not having to shoot into the sun an ND filter to be able to get the motion blur I was initially trying to achieve and better models Sorry Oli....